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Our Vision: Every student must achieve success.

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Office Procedures

Money Collection

All money from parents/children is to be placed in a money envelope and posted in the letter box under the front counter. No change is available so please make sure that correct money is provided.

Student Information and records

The school may need to contact you throughout the day in regards to your child so please make sure your contact details are kept up to date. If your information changes please contact the office as soon as possible.

Lost Property

Our school has lost property baskets they may be checked by parents. All lost property with names will be returned to the owner. To make sure your child's property can be returned if lost please make sure your child's name is on all of their belongings.



When notes that need to be returned are sent home, please send back immediately. Please check your child's bag regularly for newsletters and notes. For any school activity that requires payment, for example sport, excursions or visiting shows, please place the permission note and correct money in the envelope provided, as change is not available. Ensure your details are filled out on the front of the envelope and place it in the letterbox at the office.