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The Blaxcell Street Public School library aims to support all students in achieving success and developing a lifelong love of reading.

At Blaxcell Street Public School we view the library as the heart of the school and the engine room for student learning.

Library Bags

Students at Blaxcell Street Public School are encouraged to borrow and read books from the school library on a regular basis.

A strong library bag with the student's name on it must be used when borrowing school library books.

Library bags can be purchased from the uniform shop or the office. The teacher librarian will allow any kind of strong fabric bag. Thin plastic shopping bags will not be accepted as they break too easily.

library bags

Loan Periods

School library books are borrowed out for a 1 week period for students in Years K-2, and a 2 week period for students in Years 3-6. After this time, books become overdue and students will start receiving overdue notices. These notices are a reminder for students to return the book/s to the library. Parents should only pay for the replacement cost of a library book if the book has been lost, badly damaged, or cannot be returned to the library.

Students can renew books if they would like to read them for longer periods of time. Students in Years 5 and 6 can renew their own books only once using their Oliver library login. Students in Years K-4 must bring their book to the library to renew.

Book Borrowing Limits

Students are allowed to borrow more books from the school library as they grow older. The maximum borrowing limits for each grade are:

  • Kindergarten – 1 book
  • Years 1 & 2 – 2 books
  • Years 3 & 4 – 3 books
  • Years 5 & 6 – 4 books

The Librarian encourages students in Years 2-6 to borrow at least 1 non-fiction book as non-fiction books help students to develop an increasing vocabulary, understanding of informational text types and other comprehension skills.

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